Turn your Air Quality into Value.

Data-Driven Intelligence

Empowering Insights

Your Hotel. Your Needs.

Ensure a safe and trusted environment for guests and staff
Get data-insights on building condition and housekeeping performance
Increase operational efficiency and optimise your cost structure

Your Value

Peace of Mind

Well-Being and Safety for Guests and Staff Based on Data-Insights
Position yourself as the leader in cleanliness and safety with digital-proof
Make your good air quality tangible

Quality Assurance

Solve Operational Problems
Optimise humidity, detect smokers, lower energy costs, keep track of future incurring costs, control labour costs
Measure the performance of your housekeeping teams with data from your air quality

Our Solution

ARVE system collects data from your air quality signals. 

ARVE proprietary analytics and algorithms interpret your digital air quality signatures.

ARVE dashboard delivers the data to you in form of actionable insights. 

Your Benefits

Operational Benefits

Data-Based Management



Higher Satisfaction Ratings

Financial Benefits



No Upfront Investment

Usage-Based Pricing

Why choose ARVE?

We have high aspirations.
Our deep understanding of air quality and sensor technologies gives us the foundation.
With our world-class partners we create digital services with a clear focus on the hospitality industry.
Our recombination of trusted data into actionable insight is unique.
Thanks to minimal installation and no upfront costs, you can start immediately. Our digital platform
is highly-scalable to roll out further at your speed.
We charge you for value created: a nightly fee - but only when the hotel room has been used.

Our Team

in Switzerland and Hong Kong

Claudio Graf

CEO & Co-Founder

We combine our entrepreneurial mindset with Swiss engineering excellence,

business innovation, expertise in the current challenges of the hospitality industry, and a deep understanding of customer experience design

Kaspar Zimmerli

COO & Co-Founder

Larina Laube

Business Development Manager

Lars Diener-Kimmich

Innovation Advisor 

& Co-Founder

Christoph Wüthrich


Our Partners

World-Class Expertise

Sensor Systems
Hotel Technology Network

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Sensor Systems



"So, one tech I have seen and am following closely is an IoT system that detects in real-time the air quality in a hotel room. It was originally made as an example to tell a hotel if a guest is smoking in their room, but now we can adjust this to check for carbon dioxide, you could tell the last time someone was in the room, or how long housekeeping were in the room for. You could in the future also detect cleaning products and their intensity in the room, so basically bringing “data” to prove these new protocols and certifications. No one has done this yet!"


Für Hotelmanager ist ihr Zimmerbestand buchstäblich eine Black Box. Drei zentrale Parameter für die Bewirtschaftung eines Hotelzimmers ‒ die aktuelle Anwesenheit eines Gastes, der Reinigungsbedarf beziehungsweise die Qualität der Reinigung ‒ sind unbekannt.

Die Lösung heisst «datenbasiertes Management».

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