Turn your Air Quality into Value

Empower your hotel team to create impressive savings

Your Hotel. Your Needs.

Deal with permanent cost and revenue pressure
Focus your staff on operational priorities – big and small
Monetize your investments in air quality

Empower your Teams

*Let us impress you with our clever solution!

Customer Experience


Make your good air quality tangible
Guarantee 9 hours of rejuvenation



Solve operational problems
Schedule housekeeping, manage humidity/mould,
detect smokers, lower
energy costs and more*

Branding & Marketing


Position yourself as an
air quality leader
Attract and bind
«air-aware customers»

Our Solution

We measure 6 air qualities per room. Our digital platform analyzes
and recombines the data into actionable insights. 
Your teams access services like «Building Health», «Smoker Alert», or «Housekeeping»
via ARVE Dashboard – to create impressive savings.
ARVE Sense
Real-time, trusted data from professional-grade Swiss sensor units. Plug and Play
Digital Platform
State-of-the-art machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data analytics platform
ARVE Dashboard
Well-structured dashboard with your selected ARVE Services, for desktop and mobile

Your Benefits

Cost savings + Additional revenue

*Estimate based on a luxury hotel with 300 rooms in China (École Hôtelière de Lausanne Study, 2019)

Start now

No upfront costs

Minimal installation

Fair pricing

1 Hotel

300 Rooms

$120k Savings*

Why choose ARVE?

We have high aspirations.
Our deep understanding of air quality and sensor technologies gives us the foundation.
With our world-class partners we create digital services with a clear focus on the hospitality industry.
Our recombination of trusted data into actionable insight is unique.
Thanks to minimal installation and no upfront costs, you can start immediately. Our digital platform
is highly-scalable to roll out further at your speed.
We charge you for value created: a nightly fee - but only when the hotel room has been used.

Our Team

in Switzerland and Hong Kong

We combine our entrepreneurial mindset with Swiss engineering excellence,

business innovation, expertise in the current challenges of the hospitality industry, and a deep understanding of customer experience design. 


We believe in growing with strong partnerships sharing a common vision. 

Claudio Graf

CEO & Co-Founder

Kaspar Zimmerli

COO & Co-Founder

Lars Diener-Kimmich

Innovation Adivsor 

& Co-Founder

Christoph Wüthrich



Our Partners

World-class expertise from Switzerland

Data Analytics,
Data Science
Sensor Systems

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High Aspirations

Nature + Technology

Big Vision + Real Business

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